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    Key features Offers customers the capability for the map services to be integrated or customized into their website or application. Customer is able to access and display TM map once they start using Smartmap API.   Benefits Customer able to get map update at no extra charge Increase user experience of their website/application by embedding TM map to points out location of their business branches Gives flexibility to users by a...

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SmartMap API


SmartMap API is as map-based Application Program Interface provided through Internet service that allow customer to embed TM map into their web based or client application.

Such customers from banking industry, Government Sector, Directory companies, Buy & sell companies and any companies with websites will require map services to be embedded into their website for them to be able to display their company’s location, customer’s location and assets.

There are customers that possess their own GIS application. Hence such customer would also need map services to be embedded into their application. SmartMap API gives customer to experience their own GIS application by embedding TM map to points out location of their business branches.

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