Business Performance

Sometimes it is very hard to study why their outlets are not performing well even though the outlet is located at the “strategic” place using tables and graphs. With SmartMap, you can do study on your outlets and relate it back to population, competitors and your location suitability – which what we call as location intelligence.
Let say you’re doing performance analysis for three of your nearby outlets:

You can map your own data and SmartMap can represent your data into bar or pie chart for better visualization. Through this features, user can easily visualizes the different in patterns immediately.

From here you can analyze it with SmartMap readily available data.

Map it out against the market potential the surrounding area:

Next maybe competitors’ check of the surrounding area would give you a clue of the gap performance from each outlet:

Depending on what studies you want to do, SmartMap offers a quick and easy access to businesses data and allow you to compare it with your own data and represent these data into maps.

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