Geocoding: the art of knowing where your data is

All you have is data but what you need is information. How do you turn data into structured information?

Geocoding is a process that assigns a longitude and latitude coordinate to a physical address. Each part of the address owns a coordinate. However, for exact up to each property lot’s coordinate requires a combination of the whole address. For example;


How does the process of geocoding works?


Why geocode instead of manual survey?

  1. It is a faster way to put your data on the map instead of going to each site survey. Doing manual survey will most probably take at least one day per address. However, through geocoding, you can easily do it in merely few seconds.
  2. More cost efficient with geocoding as it is costly to send surveyor to capture the coordinate of one address, moreover if you are capturing thousands of addresses.
  3. It will reduce a significant amount of human errors due to wrongly captured the coordinates or go to the wrong address during the site survey.


After you have geocoded your data, what’s next?

How do you use your data to your business’ benefits? What can you get from all the data you captured?

There are few ways on how you can extract information from your data.

  1. Customer Service: know where your customer is, you can analyze customer complaints statistics based on areas. Then you can work out solution based on the type of complaints on specific areas.
  2. Marketing campaign: know your customers’ behaviour, populate their behaviour’s pattern on digital map. For example to know whether they are a paymaster or not for your product/service or what type of service they are subscribing from your company. Learn their behavior and do market analysis based on that; you can come out with a solution on what campaign would work best for that particular area.
  3. Enforcement: know the crime rates status of your branch; certain areas are prone to crime activities. Identify the areas with the highest crime rate happening and you can come out with the best counter measure to safe your business.
  4. Asset Maintenance: know and manage your static asset; you can monitor and update status of your static asset a lot easier.

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