Geocoding: the tools to manage your asset operation

A lot people will question:

a)      What is geocoding?

b)      Can geocoding as asset management tools?

c)       How does it work?

What is geocoding?

Geocoding is the process of finding geographical coordinates by assigning a street address to a longitude and latitude coordinates. Geocodes reveal geographical insight that helps organizations to plot addresses on a map to determine or identify all possible customers and focusing business services and transactions. Here have more information – that able to help you with more details and understanding.

Can geocoding as asset management tools?

Do you agree that customers are an important asset for an industry or an organization? The answer is definitely YES. Therefore, what way to use for an industry to manage their important asset?

Well, you can geocode or pinpoint the closest address to where your assets are located to manage your assets either for asset maintenance, asset disposal or asset to be serviced. Let’s look into example benefits bring to following industries:

Retail : Geocode the store on map can bring ascertain proximity to their potential customers, match against demographics for a clear indication of opportunity and challenges – that to bring more new potential asset.

Telecommunications : Geocodes helps telecommunications companies to determine and visualize coverage to ensure coordinate available services in the customers’ geographic locations.

Insurance : Helps insurers to evaluate different risks to different portfolio and properties in order to make accurate analysis and provides accurate and suitable requirements to the customers.

How does it work?

Let’s discuss on the example business case for telecommunication industry. How they determine and analysis best sites for additional service lines or additional communication towers to serve their customers?

a)      Geocoded where your assets are.

geocode_blur pic1

To plot where your assets are

b)      To view your current customer.

geocode_blur pic2

View your current customer

c)       To view untapped market. Through geocode, you may visualize and analysis on its coverage in order to decide whether to add additional service lines or communication towers at that area.

geocode_blur pic3

To view untapped market

Mapping and geocoding solutions are available at Telekom Malaysia (TM). Besides, we do offer reverse geocoding capabilities that able to support more different business.

If you are interest to have data geocoded by Telekom Malaysia (TM), please do not hesitate to email or call us at our hotline number 1-300-88-4627.

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