GIS: Education’s spatial analysis in Malaysia Map

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology plays an essential role in the marketing strategy that enables a company to compete with other competitors, apart from being prominent in the market. However, it is always a challenging task to outline appropriate yet reliable strategies they believed that was complementary to their services. In the education industry, private universities are growing and expanding rapidly for the past few years. Now, students have more choices to further their studies than ever before. Therefore, it is crucial for universities to identify their competitive advantage, in order to distinguish themselves among competitors. In this case, identify their competitive advantage simply not meant to be unique in offering courses, but to target the right people in the different yet effective approaches of marketing strategy. Before they begin, how they can find out where their target market is? In today’s technology, SmartMap adopted Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to assist universities to identify better strategies for targeting their valuable customers. As a result, pinpointing potential customers is no longer a challenge. Hereby, let’s have a look on how education industry performs using the SmartMap in effectively provide awareness to the students and guide the perplexed students in choosing the appropriate university. First, identify your preferable area.

GIS, radius to your preferable area

Figure 1: Identify for preferable area

After you have selected the target location, you might need to define and identify their parents’ affordability to finance their children for further study. Transacted property values help to estimate the financial background of the family. In other words, it indicates the financial strength if the family can afford to buy expensive property. Valuation and the Property Services Department (JPPH) is the government agency that advises on matters relating to the valuation of real estate and property services. SmartMap adheres JPPH property value in assisting to predict the level of parental income to determine the ability of parents funding. Therefore, just click on “query property valuation” and the results will be displayed on your right.

GIS to know property valuation

Figure 2 : Query property valuation

After you determine the specific location, it is time to aim for a better place to set your marketing strategy. Some questions that might be asked: a)      How many schools available in the selected area? In SmartMap, click the “query POI”. There are many groups in the POI query box. For the education industry, tick on the education categories and select the education level required. The basic layer in SmartMap is for you to discover schools in your area of interest.

Marketing strategy in GIS

Figure 3 : School available in your selected preferable area

b)      How to identify the right school as there are many schools nearby? SmartMap is the right tool that assists you to precisely form categorization among all the schools. Apart from the basic education layer, the Student Enrollment Statistics data is Smartmap Value Added Service(VAS) education layer containing information such as number of students, different types of academic stream and school information, for example, address and phone number. VAS education layer allows university to anticipate the number of students who can enrol through different streams. Just tick on the variables that are important to your marketing strategy.

marketing strategy in GIS; education in GIS

Figure 4 : Determine the right school that you target

With  selected criteria above, the results will extract and filter the information required. For example, ABC University focuses on IT and engineering courses than others. Therefore, they will target for schools that have students who are in the Science stream or Technical and Vocational stream.

GIS in education; using Malaysia Map

Figure 5 : Results for the targeted schools

SmartMap offers quick and easy access to business data, allowing you to represent your data into maps for easy visualization. Last but not least, SmartMap adopts Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is considered as a marketing measurement tool, which is able to guide you towardbetter and accurate marketing strategy, and could be directly implemented in your planning.

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