GIS on ATM facilities improvement

Apart from the benefit discussed in Part 1, SmartMap also provides powerful spatial tools for banking and financial services to ensure compliance and maximum customer satisfaction.

Knowing where the best location to install the ATM machine

 Banks have a lot of assets such as ATM machines and it is difficult to detect manually in their ATM whether or not they provide a full service to serve their customers. GIS application is able to help and improve the ATM facilities operation. Let’s look at how SmartMap assist banks determine the best location for installing the ATM machine.

You are in headache to think of either area A or area B to be installed in your ATM machines. Therefore, before you plan to install an ATM machine, you should determine:

  • Your customer within the area
  • Other potential customer
  • Potential customers without ATMs available in their area

Therefore, do geocode your existing customers on the map to illustrate where your existing customers are and your potential customers.

[table id=3 /]

SmartMap helps you to identify a commercial or industrial area, and residents within the nearby area, to let you understand your existing ATM available enough to serve your customers. It is important to identify the size of commercial & industries area because :

a)       High consumption of cash

b)       High replenishment of cash

c)       High utilization on ATM

commercial area such as hypermarket and supermarket

Figure 1: To identify the commercial such as hypermarkets within the area

population; existing customer

Figure 2: To identify the number of population within the area

Using the information SmartMap provided, you can started to verify and analyze the area, thus, make decision for the area that need for additional new ATM. The analysis:

Analysis; additional ATM

Figure 3 : Table analysis


Based on analysis above, the additional ATM is needed in Area A with analysis like:

a)       Lets’ say your average of bank customer per ATM is 7k. Therefore, Area A is exceed your average of bank customer and existing ATM might not enough to serve the customer.

b)       The business industry in Area A is more than Area B, the existing ATM might not enough to serve the customer as the replenishment cash for the business industry is high.

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