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2 December 2014

Your privacy and security are important to TM. TM Street View team concern and protects on your privacy and security. Our main objectives is to ensure updateness of our content data such as street, property or POI.
As we are providing government bodies our map at their emergency city centre; MERS999, therefore,
emergency incident can be dispatch at minimal time with the updateness of the map.


What is Mobile Imaging Scanner?
Mobile Imaging Scanner is a system used by TM to survey and capture information along the roads in Malaysia as an initiative to update TM's Malaysia base map and navigation.

What is the information captured during the survey?
The system is equipped with 360 panoramic camera and GPS equipmnent. It is able to capture surrounding images and GPS information along the roads it travels.

What is TM going to do with information?
Information captured will be used for map updating purpose (road names, building names, house adress, etc.) and navigation data update (road direction, turning restriction, etc). Besides,
selected 360 panoramic images will be used for our future products after strict filtering to avoid any privacy violation.

WHat is the coverage ara planned for this surveys?
The survey will cover major roads across Malaysia and selected commercial or residential areas.

Who are the operators of this system?
The system is operated by technicians from Geomatics Development and Services, a department in TM Berhad.

Why is my area selected for the survey?
Imaging Scanner will be deployed to a non-updated area based on feedbacks received from TM customers.

Why is the imaging scanner allowed to enter my guarded residential area?
the operators have been given letter to request permission from security guards if required. We will not survey your area if the request is rejected.

What is the view of Malaysia Government on this project?
Currently the system is still under testing and we are acquiring permission from Malaysia Government to deploy the system nationwide.

For more information, you may easily contact us at our hotline number 1-300-88-4627 or email to helpmap@tm.com.my