Retail: Expanding my retail outlet

Location is one of the important you would need to consider when you decided to open a new outlet. When you’re deciding for a place to locate your next outlet, there will be few questions that need to be answered.

Where is our potential market?
1. Identify where your target market are by using the demographic data; you may select Year of census/projection census, geographical view level, gender, age group and ethnic group.

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Then, SmartMap will generate the thematic map for your view.

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You can zoom in the map.


Once user click on an area, detailed breakdown of census population will pop-up:


2. You may use radius search to identify affluent market. Find an area of interest and plot the ring analysis marker on the area of interest. You may determine the radius you require.

SmartMap will generate three different rings and user may query for type of property to identify market based on property types:

You can identify the concentration area of a specific property types:


Know your competitors
Know where your competitors are through the Yellow Pages business listing in SmartMap.
By using the ring search analysis, you may identify who your competitors or assess their expansion patterns.



SmartMap will display the result as point; from the radius you can identify how many competitors at the surrounding. You may then decide whether to open up a new outlet at this location or not:


• Generate thematic maps that are easy and clear visualization to evaluate the best area of interest to locate your outlet.
• SmartMap gives on-demand report when you need it no matter where you are.
• Simple application with straight forward functions that is easy to query for data and generate maps.

Finding where your customers is as crucial as knowing what they want, thus deciding your next outlet is a major challenge in order to ensure your target customers are able to reach you. You require reliable information and a lot of on-ground surveys to get to know more of the activities in your area of interest.

SmartMap able reduce the cost and time to be spent for data gathering and on-ground survey and assist in getting the right information for quick business decision making.


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