SmartMap at National Statistics Conference 2013 (MyStats 2013)


On 18th November 2013, Bank Negara Malaysia with Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) and Institut Statistik Malaysia (ISM) organized the second national statistics conference for year 2013 at Sasana Kijang. This year theme is rather interesting and up to date with the technological advancement in today’s society; which is “Promoting Innovation in Economic and Financial Statistics to Support Policy Making in a Dynamic Environment” and is in line with one of TM’s services is currently promoting.

TM was invited as one of the guest speakers for the topic “Application of Technology in Transforming Malaysia’s Statistical Landscape”. TM’s topic of discussion was “Location based statistics, knowing your place”. TM elaborated more on how TM started out the Malaysia Map development and reasons why it is crucial to have it. TM has translated a huge chunk of its data into spatial information to make it easier to understand and visualizes the statistics from the location based perspective.

Just how application of technology has helped TM in the daily operational work and planning, it may also in turn helping out other businesses in making use of their data or TM gathered data for their analysis. Thus, from then on, TM has started to commercialize the Malaysia Map into web based application, namely SmartMap that can assist users in having better understanding or visualization of location based statistics.

The submitted paper has been published on Bank Negara Malaysia’s website and can be downloaded from the following link:

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