SmartMap Daily Package in BizApp Store – A showcase of Essential Cloud Apps for Your Business

A showcase had been organized by VADS Berhad on details :

Date : 9 & 10 Oct 2014.

Place : Lobby Menara TM.

Time : 9am-6pm


Do you know that there is SmartMap Daily Package in BizApp Store? SmartMap Daily Package is created for users who require to perform the business or market analysis only for 1 day and this package is affordable to all users. SmartMap Daily Package are now available in BizApp Store and ready to subscribe.

You may now surf for more details.

Besides than that, there were other eight type of application with different function that helps in your business was exhibited in this event. The application such as Microsoft Office 365, customer relationship management (CRM), MyBiz Cart, Office Central, Evenesis, Awanbee are available in this event.

SmartMap Daily Package; BizApp Store

Figure 1: SmartMap Booth

BizApp Store Opening Remarks

Figure 2 : Opening Remarks by CEO VADS Berhad, Ahmad Azhar Yahya

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