SmartMap Dekstop: A fantastic way to create offline Malaysia Map on your Dekstop

Our customers frequently asked:

  1. a) Can we integrate TM Map into our GIS system?
  2. b) Can TM Map be used as offline Map?
  3. c) Can we create and edit a new layer with TM Map?

Yes. TM does provide way for you to create an offline Malaysia Map on your Dekstop and we called it as “SmartMap Dekstop”. SmartMap Dekstop can be described as a quick access to TM Map which is locally stored at customer’s premise and using GIS software such as Mapinfo.

Characteristics of TM Map:

  • TM Map can be in TAB format or shape file format.
  • TM Map consists of fundamental layers as below:

a. Basemap layer – A layer used for locational reference and provide a visual context to work together with information geographically.

i. Building outline

ii.Street outline

iii.Property outline


b. Administrative layer – the information input to your basemap layer.

i. Building attribute

ii.Street attribute

iii.Property attribute


  • Value added layer –Upon request and based on customer’s requirements and necessities. Value added layer is as below:

i. Business Listing

ii. POI layer

iii.Property valuation layer


SmartMap Dekstop allows you to create and edit any layers with TM Map in the absence of internet connection. Imagine that you would like to access, edit or create your information when there is no internet connection or your internet connection is weak, then SmartMap Dekstop would be your best choice.

Creating layers on top of TM Map

You are able to open and visualize TM Map either using Map info in TAB or shape file format of choice. It’s just a few clicks away to create new layers on top of TM Map to perform and store analysis results. The great thing is – it works without necessarily an internet connection!!

layer; malaysia map

Creating your layers on top of TM Map

Editing operational data

After creating your own layer, you can create markers on top of the map which is a brilliant way for asset management.

operational data; customization; offline map; asset management

Edit operational data

Besides, you are able to perform spatial analysis which includes drawing boundaries, data sampling and simplify huge amount of data. The most important part is you can generate correlations between personal data and TM Map to extract dominant trend for plan and predict.

drawing boundaries; data sampling; town planning;

Perform spatial analysis

geocoding; geocode; data management; Malaysia Map

Geocode your asset for data management

To put an end to that, here we list out few advantages of SmartMap Dekstop. If you’re among the one who would like to understand more on offline TM Map, then you might prepared to be enlightened.

  • Offline

SmartMap Dekstop is an offline application that comes with layers of information which allows you to access map and data anytime, anywhere to perform geographically analysis, asset management and reporting purposes.

  •  Faster loading time

Why fast? It is particular fast to load because all the data and information already stored locally on your PC, you won’t need to wait to retrieve data or information from server over the internet. No more waiting and indirectly improve your job productivity.

  • Rich in content

SmartMap Dekstop is not just a map; it is full with content that allows you to perform geographic analysis offline. It also provide geographical content including property lot numbers, operational information such as property valuation as well as the surrounding point of interest (POI) that will enrich the value of the area.

  • Feedback on non-updated area

TM values any feedbacks from customers on non-updated area and wrong information. TM will update our content in due course. Customers can give feedbacks via our hotline number 1300 – 88 – 4627 or email to

  •  Aesthetic map for ease of use

Colors in SmartMap Dekstop is carefully selected for distinguished and recognition. For example, appealing different colors to help you to distinguish and determine major road and minor road.

Besides, human can easily identified images or symbols rather than text. SmartMap Dekstop use relevant symbols to represents important POIs such as restaurant, hospital, petrol station and others.

In addition, systematic categorization of data using zoom level function is used in SmartMap Dekstop to prevent cluttered map and help people to read map understandable and focusing only important information.

  • Commitment to update TM Map

No worry on resources to update the map. TM committed to customers in making our TM Map as comprehensive as possible with better quality in terms of accuracy. The data is also constantly kept current by updating our map at least four (4) times a year.

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