Features & Benefits

SmartMap, provides business intelligence solutions that no other web-based digital mapping tools can provide. It not only gives you the geographical data you need to serve your business objectives, it also provides insightful information to help you make better business decisions.

Below are some of the key features and benefits of SmartMap:

Key Features
  • Offers a combination of Geographical Information System and Business Intelligence features.
  • Provides and ensures frequent updates and accuracy of data to support reliable analysis.
  • Improve user experience in terms of better data categorisation.
  • Create your own interactive map through chosen set of data which allows you to visualise the changes in patterns immediately.
  • Importing user data enables you to upload your own data into SmartMap for different types of analysis required.
  • Access to interactive analysis maps and readily available data that allows you to understand your market, business customers and competitors.
  • Lets you manage and define your outlets, sales and service areas by mapping internal company data and SmartMap valuable data.
  • Discover the best areas for your store as it allows you to identify and evaluate potential areas of interest.
Value For Your Business
  • Enhance informed business decision-making.
  • Convenient and cooperative working environment.
  • Effective branch planning and management.
  • Effective sales / service territory planning and management.
  • Gain quick and easy access to business statistical data.
  • Reduce costs for onsite visits for data gathering.