TM GIS Services together in GeoSmart Asia 2015 with the theme Towards Next Big Leap

The GeoSmart Asia event had been taken place in Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur from 29th September to 1st October 2015. This event is organized by Geospatial World Forum Secretariat.

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Nowadays, Geographical information systems (GIS) served an important role as integrating technology, this event is held to meet the objectives by offering opportunity and bringing together technology providers, end-users segments from across Malaysia to share on the new GIS technology and latest experience.

In conjunction with this event, TM with honour participating as exhibitor to share and introduce for TM products – SmartMap Analytics, SmartMap API and SmartMap Enterprise (Web-Map Service).

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TM as exhibitor

SmartMap Analytics – A web-based and ready use application that combines TM’s Malaysia Map with valuable business data that allows users to perform GIS analysis. For further understanding, you may read our article at

Whereas, SmartMap API is a map-based Application Program Interface that allow customer to embed TM Map into your website or client application. Using SmartMap API brings numerous benefit to your business.

SmartMap Enterprise brings new generation for TM GIS products which able users to quickly add local map context to your existing map data in your existing GIS data, using software MapInfo, QGIS, Esri software. A sample case illustrated using our TM Map as a backdrop to integrate with your existing GIS data to execute your GIS analysis.

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During the event, TM sent 2 speakers to share on our new technology and knowledge towards GIS.

Wan Mohd Hafiz

Title: With Cloud Service and Mobile App solutions

Description: With development of technology, TM geomatics brings new era of  GIS solution which allow users to access TM Map without internet connection and also technology of using mobile app solution for data collection purposes. For more details, you may refer to

mobile apps; GIS service

TM presenter, Wan Mohd Hafiz present the title with Cloud Service and Mobile App solutions

Ahmad Hizami Rosehaizad

Title: Utilization of Trimble Mobile Scanning in Malaysia

Description: The differentiation and the process capturing for MX1 Mobile Imaging Scanner and MX8 Laser Scanner. MX1 is used to capture high quality 360° image capturing whereas MX8 is to capture high precision laser point cloud capturing. Click here for further information and understanding.

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