TM SmartMap Analytics on RTM TV1

Program Do-It is on air every Monday at 7.30pm and it is a program that treasure technology and innovation in business.


On last 14th December 2015, through D-Tek segment, TM Smart Map Analytics that is developed by Geomatics Development & Services, Mass Market Marketing Operations, TM got a chance to promote the product in Do-It program. The spokesperson from TM is Mr Moharmustaqeem Bin Mohammed, the Vice President of Mass Market Marketing Operation.


The interview was held on 26th November 2015 at Level 19 Menara TM together with the demonstration of drone and site visit to Level 20 Menara TM for working space of TM map updating process. The recording is also covered the demonstration of TM vehicle which using 360 street view camera parked at Menara TM lobby.


This interview is to give exposure on TM involvement and effort to make ‘Business and Life Made Easier’ in providing an innovative geospatial solution to agencies and businesses. Indirectly, they can aware the importance of geospatial information to grow their business.


 The full program can be viewed at Video SmartMap Analytics on RTM TV1

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