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Malaysia Base Map

SmartMap Data map provide most complete Malaysia base map, which covers Peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak. Features included in SmartMap Data base map are properties with property lot number which consist of residential and commercial lot, hydrography, vegetation and roads.

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Value Proposition

  1. Demographic data up viewable at State, Daerah, Mukim & Residential area level
  2. Basemap with color coded area such as commercial & residential area.
  1. Easy access to the local detailed map, administrative boundaries, and point of interest. 
  2. Compatible with prominent software for Geographical Information System (GIS) and Business Intelligence (BI) software.
  3. Can be embedded in any website or application.
  1. Data is more structured and has better accuracy.
  2. The map will be updated every 3 months (4 times/year).

Types of SmartMap Map Data Provided for GIS​

1. Web Feature Service (WFS) – returns features with geometry and attributes that clients can use in geospatial analysis

2. Web Map Service (WMS) – returns an image of a map that can be loaded directly in Web, Mobile App and Desktop Client Software

3. Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) / Tile Map Service (TMS) – returns pre-rendered or run-time computed georeferenced map tiles

4. Maps Embed – lets you place an interactive map on your site with a simple HTTP request

5. POI Layer – A map consists of point of interest in Malaysia

6. Property Layer – A map with details & color-coded area for residential & commercial

7. Dark Mode Layer  – A map with dark mode style

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