FAQ regarding SmartMap Explorer & SmartMap Data for your reference.

SmartMap Explorer is a web-based map application by TM that allows businesses to perform geo-spatial analysis to support their business decision-making. Users only need Internet connection and web browser/mobile devices.  

You can contact TM Account Manager/Sales or submit your enquiry to subscribe through 

For the moment, the subscription can only be made through your TM Account Manager/ Sales.  

SmartMap Explorer has one package only which is the Basic package & the subscription period is 1 year.

Payment for the subscription fee can only be made through your TM Account Manager/ Sales or direct at TM point.

Your account will be activated in 3 days from the time of submitting your application form and payment received.  A notification email with a username and default password will be sent to your email address once your account has been activated. 

You may renew your subscription through your TM Account Executive/ Sales. 

You are not allowed to change the subscription period or terminate your account during the subscribed period. 

Your data will be preserved in the SmartMap Explorer server for 1 month after the expiry of your account. If the subscription is not renewed within this 1 month, all preserved data will be deleted. Hence, it is important for the subscription to be renewed 1 month prior to the expiry date.

Windows: Windows 10 and above 

Macintosh (Intel-based): 

Internet Speed: Minimum 1 Mbps, more than 20Mbps for best performance. 

Web Browser: Microsoft Edge 41, Firefox 50 and above.  

*Internet Explorer 11 is not supported  

Contact TM ONE Account Manager (AM)/ Sales or send an email to

The TM digital map in SmartMap Data is updated every 3 months.

There are basemap, POI, search, property, SME, boundary, census, locatic and street API that are available for customers.

Contact your TM ONE Account Manager/ Sales or email to

There will be a notification via email when you reached 70% and 100% credits usage. We will remind you of the next action.

Email to with your full details and we will contact you if we need a clarification.

You will receive and used the API key after you have done full payment for the service.

Yes. We will send out a notification 7 days prior to the maintenance and a day before as a reminder.

Your minCredit is less than 100 credits. To use/map/wms API endpoint, you must have minCredit 100 credits.

Your credit will be top-up & the validity period will extend. For example, customers subscribe to package A ( 200K credits) & the expiry date is from January 2020 until December 2020. But in May you subscribed to another package B (500K), the expiry date will be extended & refreshed to 1 year back ( May 2020 until 2021).

You will get a notification & can request to upgrade or subscribe with the new package.