Geocode Malaysia is the process of transforming a description of a location such as an address, or a name of a place in Malaysia into a set of geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). The coordinates can be used for a variety of mapping applications such as in Geographic Information System (GIS) software. SmartMap Data provides the geocode service via API. The geocoded result is provided with an accuracy level indicator and percentage to indicate the result can be matched and accurate up to the property, street, section, city, or state level.

Geocode Malaysia

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Geocode Accuracy:

Geocode Accuracy Level:

Nearby Point of Interest

Nearby Point of Interest
No.Point of Interest

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Benefits You Get

For mobile application, website and software; QGIS, ESRI & Tableau.

More than 6 Mil addresses available.

Perform 60% matched at property level in comparison to other geocoders.

Upload a CSV file to the interface, and it’s good to go!

Results indicate the address matched at either property/ street/ section/ city/ state level.