High Rise Building Address


6 February 2024

High rise building address data or also known as Multi-Storey Address (MSA) data refers to location information that pinpoints a specific point within a high rise or multi-level building. The key components of multi-storey address data in our database include:​

  1. Building name/ scheme​
  2. Address​
  3. Number of floors​
  4. Number of units on one floor​
  5. Unit address format​

How We Store the Data

Each entry includes a unit number (address) or a count.​ In case an address is provided, we retain and store that specific address.​ When an address is not available, we save the count of multi-storey address data according to geographic blocks. The output exclusively consists of the count. Statistic of address vs total count:

  1. property address – 5,704,868​
  2. property count include MSA data – 11,307,137​

How We Collect the Data

  1. Purchase the data from Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT)​.

  2. Survey of high rise building address. Below are the steps on how we do the survey:
  • Identify the buildings that require surveying and extract the information from the database.
  •  ​Select or confirm manually the buildings for survey based on a few references.
  • Categorize these buildings according to their locations and attempt to allocate each location for a one-day survey.
  • Develop a survey sheet outlining the necessary information to be collected, including the actual address, number of floors, accurate coordinates, images, and the arrangement of unit addresses, etc.​
  • Schedule survey times, typically four days a week, to conduct the surveys

MSA Data Progress in SmartMap

MSA Data Progress

How We Display MSA Data in SmartMap Explorer and SmartMap Data

In SmartMap Explorer, the MSA data is display in detail property. ​The marker will show number if it have quantity more than one.

Data Display

In SmartMap Data, the quantity will return in property API below:​





Potential Use Case: Estimation of Market Demand

From number of unit in high rise we can estimate more accurately number of population in a specific area. High-rise building data provides detailed information about the number of residential units and their characteristics (address, number of units, and number of floors). This allows for a more accurate assessment of the housing capacity in a specific area, aiding in precise market demand estimation.​

High-rise buildings are designed to accommodate a significant number of residents within a compact space. Analyzing the number of units helps in understanding the population density in an area, which is crucial for urban planning and infrastructure development​

Due to these, high-rise building address can be used for effectively for marketing campaign, utilities planning and outlet planning​.

Screenshot of SmartMap with MSA Data vs without MSA Data

With MSA Data:
With MSA Data
Without MSA Data:
Without MSA Data


For Kuala Lumpur Phase 1, we have successfully surveyed all 695 buildings, meeting the completion target. In Phase 2, 345 out of 3183 buildings have been surveyed by October 2023. The total number of residential high-rise buildings is 12150, and the coverage stands at 92%.​

For Negeri Sembilan and Melaka, out of 205 buildings that require survey, none have been surveyed as of October 2023. The target completion is set for December 2023, with a total of 1214 residential high-rise buildings and a coverage of 83%.​

In Perak, where 103 buildings need surveying, none have been surveyed by October 2023. The target completion is set for June 2024, with a total of 549 residential high-rise buildings and a coverage of 81%.​

For other states, targets for completion have not been set as of the provided information.​

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