Target Marketing

Targeted Marketing Campaign

  • Focus on the targeted areas for promotion and marketing based on demography, Point of Interest (POI)s, and properties information by incorporating your customer’s information in the SmartMap Explorer.
  • Industry: Retail
  • Product: SmartMap Explorer

Identify targeted area for upselling or promotion campaign

  • Estimate market size of targeted area by choosing from 6 major categories and more than 20 subcategories of properties data
  • Overlay with your existing business information and do the comparison between the estimation market size
  • From the results you retrieve, suggestions for you can conclude are:
  1. If the market size is equal to or almost equal to your existing business, you can upsell in the targeted area.
  2. If the market size is greater than your existing business, you can do a marketing campaign such as do promotion on your business in the targeted area.  

Data Used in this Use Case

Malaysia Map