Batch Geocode Malaysia is the process of converting the bulk of locations such as addresses or names of places in Malaysia into geographic coordinates at once. SmartMap Data provides the batch geocode service via SmartMap Portal. It is easy to use as it has a user-friendly interface. Just upload a CSV file to be batch geocoded to the interface, and it’s good to go!

Batch geocode malaysia

1) Please upload file for batch geocode in CSV format file with the address column rename as 'Address'.
2) Maximum number of points to upload is 20 points per file only. Contact us if you wish to obtain greater access.

Preview File

Preview File


Geocode Accuracy:

If you are interested with Geocode API, please contact us now!

Benefits You Get

For mobile application, website and software; QGIS, ESRI & Tableau.

More than 6 Mil addresses available.

Perform 60% matched at property level in comparison to other geocoders.

Upload a CSV file to the interface, and it’s good to go!

Results indicate the address matched at either property/ street/ section/ city/ state level.