SmartMap Data

SmartMap Data provides map and location based data that supports open standard and can be easily embedded into web app, GIS software and mobile app. Besides SmartMap Data can be accessed via internet or on premise solution​.

Type of Platform Can be Integrated with SmartMap Data


Web Application or Web Portal


Mobile Application using React Native or Ionic


Geographic Information System (GIS) or Business Intelligence (BI) Software

Layers Provided

Consists of POI category, count & POI data in polygon or ring search.
For you to use search & query or geocode your data.
Consists of property type, count & property data in polygon /ring search.
Consists of WMS, WMTS, WFS, & TMS layer.

Lets Try Our Geocode API

Geocode - Transform an address to coordinates

  • Insert the address that you want to geocode
  • Click the ‘Geocode’ button
  • It’s done! The result will display in Result
Please note: Usage Limits for per user is 5 times only. Contact us if you wish to obtain greater access




Benefits of SmartMap Data

Easy Integration

For mobile application, website and software; QGIS, ESRI & Tableau.

data malaysia_base_map

Detailed Malaysia Base Map

Detailed with property information.

High Success Rate

More than 400K POI data & 6M addresses data are available.

Easy to Use

Insert provided URL into your mobile application or website or GIS and BI software

What Our Clients Say About SmartMap Products

80% of SmartMap users are satisfied and personally recommend the product as it helps reduce their workloads doing location analysis.

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