Site Selection

  • Analyze the surrounding area of a targeted location by using SmartMap Explorer spatial analysis tools and helps you in business decision-making for your new branch location.
  • Industry: Retail
  • Product: SmartMap Explorer

Competitor Analysis - Identify your competitor & Point of Interest (POI) within a radius of the targeted area

  • Choose from 22 major categories & more than 100 subcategories of Point of Interest (POI) data
  • Maximum 3 queries at one time
  • By identifying your competitor within the selected radius, you can avoid the potential cause of market become saturated

Estimate market size on the targeted area​

  • Choose from 6 major categories and more than 20 subcategories of property data
  • By estimating the market size for the targeted area, you can estimate potential customers for your new branch.

Data Used in this Use Case

Malaysia Map

Point of Interest