Routing Solutions with TM One SmartMap

Routing Solutions with TM One SmartMap

8 May 2023
Nowadays most people really need to know on distance from one destination to another specially to estimate their travel time.
Assessing distance for your staff travelling for site visit or events.
Planning route for product delivery.
Customer need to know location from your branch from their place.
SmartMap can assist you provide the distance and the estimated drive time between 2 or more locations​. Beside moving pin marker, you can also use the longitude and latitude of the location​.

How to use?

  1. Locate pin on starting location​
Routing start point
  1. Drag mouse to pin on end points
Routing to choose next point
  1.  It will shows the distance (in km) between 2 location point and the estimated drivetime (in minutes)
Routing display on map
  1. You may also point to additional destination.
Routing add another point

Future Plan


Plan to launch route planning (travelling salesman problem) & multi route planner by September 2023.​

Route planning is a delivery planning service where user can optimize their delivery by shortest path and visit the delivery point only once.​

Multi Route Planner is route optimization where user can find the most efficient or cost-effective way of visiting those destinations.


Learn more about TM One SmartMap?

For more details on our SmartMap, you may contact us at for demo and free trial.