Geocode Malaysia Map

Geocode Address at SmartMap Portal and Load It to GIS Software

Geocoding and reverse geocoding data from Smartmap API can be used in GIS software, and a basemap layer can be applied to enhance the visual appeal of the data. It’s also possible to use SmartMap Tools to get geocoding and reverse geocoding data from GIS software that the user owns by activating them with API keys. This means that the user can get the data directly into their GIS software.

SmartMap Analytics on RTM TV1

TM SmartMap Analytics on RTM TV1

TM got a chance to promote the product in the Do-It program. The interview was held on 26th November 2015 spokesperson from TM is Mr. Moharmustaqeem bin Mohammed, the Vice President of Mass Market Marketing Operation. This interview is to give exposure to TM involvement and effort to make ‘Business and Life Made Easier’ in providing an innovative geospatial solution to agencies and businesses. Indirectly, they can aware of the importance of geospatial information to grow their business.