How TM ONE SmartMap Data Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding Works

How TM ONE SmartMap Data Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding Works

23 March 2022
Geocode address is a geographic location (coordinates such as latitude and longitude) is returned in response to a specific address. Meanwhile, reverse geocode is return the address that is closest to the latitude and longitude that was specified.

Geocoding with TM ONE SmartMap Data

Geocode address takes an address or intersection as an input. Address databases should be free of misspellings and incomplete addresses and should fulfill postal authority requirements.
The geocoder returns the latitude/longitude, standardized address, and result indicators. Address may be identical if the input address was correct, a standardized version of the input address, or a candidate address if several matches are found.
    • Tokenized the address

Tokenized is the process of breaking down an address into its subcomponents, such as the house number, street name, city, and so on.

Address example: 8, Lorong SS 7/4E, Petaling Jaya, 47301, Selangor


    • Return tokenized address

Specifies whether to return the formatted input street address and each element in a separate field.


    • Match accordingly for the coordinate addresses

    • Find and match at the next best level automatically

Accuracy scoring of every input and output details to synchronize.

Accuracy Level based on AVERAGE of all score percentage %.

Reverse Geocode with TM ONE SmartMap

Reverse Geocode Address takes longitude and latitude as input. The latitude and longitude of the point for which you want address information. The radius in kilometer between the input coordinates and the location to be searched for an address.
  • Latitude and Longitude given

  • Return nearest result (property addresses / POI (Point of Interest) within 1km range.

  • Match accordingly for the coordinate addresses

  • If there is no result in point 2, return nearest result (section) between 1km until 5km range.

  • No result if more than 5km range.

  • Coordinates example: 3.020698, 101.648761

  • Result return and match on the accuracy level with the coordinates given
  • Result: return nearest section @ Taman from given point.
    ** SmartMap section level = Nama Taman or Kampung

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