Expansion and Site Planning Tools with TM One SmartMap

Expansion and Site Planning Tools with TM One SmartMap

28 February 2023

Network planning or site planning require proper and accurate planning to avoid any  wrong investment.

Challenges in network planning is to get accurate data and time consuming nature in doing planning.

For example, you can do a survey for a specific area for new outlet indeed by doing that you can get accurate data but it consumes your team’s time and maybe you overlook on other higher potential area

SmartMap Helps you in Locating High Potential Areas

SmartMap will recommend high potential areas based on your location selection criteria.

SmartMap recommendation areas are based on number of population or targeted customers, number of point of interests (POI) that could attract crowds or foot traffic and surrounding competitors.

The population profiles can also be broken down into different categories such as high or low income population or targeting people living in particular residential buildings such as high rise.

From the recommended high potential areas, you could do  survey on the high potential areas to validate the recommendations. Using this method, you could reduce unnecessary survey time.

How it works?

Steps to do site selection using TM One SmartMap are:

  1. Select which state you want to explore
  2. Select your business category
  3. Select POI that you have set as benchmark for attraction or competitors
  4. Click Submit
Site planning to choose business category
  1. TM SmartMap will highlights potential grid within 5km as below
  2. Select your targeted grid i.e 500m grid to generate the analysis
Site planning to choose 500m grid

SmartMap highlights potential grid

Report based on current and potential outlet will be generated as below. Data shown in the report are population demography data, properties & POI data, POI attraction and any similar business outlet within that 500m radius.

Site Planning report

Learn more about TM One SmartMap

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